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All Aboard Concession Application

Thank you for your interest in participating in All Aboard... Planes, Trains, and Automobiles! The Concession Fee is $100. Please submit payment on the following page through PayPal after submitting this form. This event is Rain or Shine; there is no rain date.

Note: The Junior League of Lynchburg reserves the right to limit the number of organizations selling any one food type. For example, if five organizations indicate they will sell hamburgers, we may request an organization or multiple organizations to offer a food type other than hamburgers for sale in order to participate. This will help every organization maximize profit and increase variety of goods offered. Additionally, if your organization indicates it will be selling certain food items and during event offers additional goods for sale without prior JLL approval, your request to participate in future All Aboard events may be denied.


on the date and time(s) of April 29, 2018 from 11:00am to 4:00pm at the Liberty School of Aeronautics.

Junior League hereby accepts Participant’s application and will include Participant in All Aboard activities on the following terms and conditions:

1. Participant shall be responsible for the conduct of the above-described activity. Junior League shall not be obligated for any debt incurred because of the Participant’s activity in All Aboard.
2. Participant shall indemnify and save harmless and provide a defense for Junior League, its agents, employees, and officials from any and all liability, of whatever nature, arising from the above-described activity. Participant shall, upon the request of the Junior League, maintain and pay for public liability insurance, naming the Junior League of Lynchburg, Inc. as an insured party, to cover bodily injury per person, bodily injure per accident and property damage in the amount not less than $300,000 combined single limit to cover injuries to or death of person, or damage of property in connection with the above-described activity. Participant shall upon request provide proof of insurance to the Junior League.
3. Junior League reserves the right to select all events and to refuse participation to any organization or group whose program is determined solely within the discretion of the Junior League to be not in accord with the purposes or the best interests of All Aboard. The sale of food, novelties and the like are permitted only if approved by the Junior League.
4. The Junior League will not give refunds due to inclement weather.

By their signature hereto, the parties acknowledge they shall be bound by this Agreement and it has been executed pursuant to due authority.