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Community Grants 2012

The Junior League of Lynchburg Community Board has held its Grants Decision meeting and has awarded $4,000 divided amongst 8 area non-profit organizations. It was quite evident that the common theme for the grant applications was based on fulfilling basic needs such as hunger. The JLL is pleased to have awarded these grant monies to worthy non-profits in the area and are looking forward to seeing these dollars at work. We hope to be able to continue to award grants in the Fall of 2012.

The Community Board Grant recipients for the 2011-2012 fiscal year are:

YMCA of Central Virginia for their “Healthy Kids Initiative Mileage Club” in the amount of $500

Rivermont Area Emergency Food Pantry for their “Fighting Diabetes Over the Generations” in the amount of $250

Blue Ridge Area Food Bank “BackPack Program” in the amount of $750

The Ellington for their “Music Bridge Program for Children” in the amount of $600

Presbyterian Homes & Family Services and the Family Alliance for their “Healthy Futures for Families” in the amount of $250

Lynchburg Daily Bread, Inc. for their “Healthy Kids “To Go” Dinner Packs” in the amount of $600

Churches for Urban Ministry for their “2012 Camp Timothy” in the amount of $750

Lynchburg community Action Group, Inc. for their “Food Pantry” in the amount of $300