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2021-2022 Community Partnerships

Through Community Partnerships, the League solicits applications from interested area nonprofits each spring and selects two to three to partner with each year. This allows us to leverage our resources more effectively and efficiently, as all financial and volunteer assistance is focused solely on these organizations for the year. Organizations are chosen because of their work aligning with the mission of the JLL.

The Junior League of Lynchburg selected two local organizations with which to partner for the 2021-2022 year:

Fifth Street Community Development Corporation

The Fifth Street CDC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that acts and advocates for the redevelopment of the Fifth Street corridor. The CDC works with the city, businesses, and residents of the corridor to eliminate blight, rehabilitate existing buildings, develop and support commercial ventures, and set design and architectural guidelines for future development projects on Fifth Street. 

As a Community Partner, Fifth Street CDC will enable League members to learn more about the rich history, increase familiarity with the broad range of businesses, and support the cultural and economic wellbeing of the Fifth Street area. This partnership will allow the JLL to serve as a bridge to Fifth Street, while helping educate a broader community about the historical significance and the current needs and efforts in the area.


The Motherhood Collective

The Motherhood Collective (TMC) organization focuses on equipping and empowering women from preconception to postpartum through free expert-based education and social support programming. TMC believes that Maternal Health Matters, which is aligned with the League’s mission that includes a focus on women, children, and health. 

The Birth in Color Doula Project is a collaboration between Birth in Color, RVA, and The Motherhood Collective, a program of HumanKind that provides culturally competent doula care for expectant mothers of color in our community. Birth in Color, LYH began in 2021 created by Birth in Color RVA based in Greater Richmond, VA. Birth In Color is a birth, policy, and advocacy collective focused on providing culturally-centered support to pregnant families and the birth community, committed to dismantling racism in our maternity care systems and inviting that healthy women are the foundation of healthy communities.


Together, we are building a collaborative community network aimed at meaningful and long-lasting change in Greater Lynchburg!