The Period Access Distribution (PAD) Center is the newest initiative of the Junior League of Lynchburg, in conjunction with the YWCA of Central Virginia and Gleaning for the World! Our purpose is to alleviate period poverty in Central Virginia by providing immediate response kits and/or a monthly subscription of feminine hygiene products to clients who are referred to us by local service providers, nonprofits, or, in some cases, are self-referred. While periods are a basic bodily function for around half of the population, feminine hygiene products are not covered by food stamps or Medicaid, making them unaffordable for many women living in poverty. We want to do something to change this, and invite you to support P.A.D. in its mission of “Helping Central Virginia Women Period” !

Bring your voice and join us to collaborate and support efforts to end period poverty, address menstrual equity, and eliminate period stigma in Central Virginia!  To find out more about P.A.D. Center program offerings and how to get involved, please contact